Holi On the Beach

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 Are you excited about the biggest and best Holi in the greater Los Angeles area, for the 7th year in a row??? 

Stay tuned for more information on Holi on the Beach 2014!!!

Pictures from past Holi on the Beach


Enjoy exciting games in addition to the jubilation with colors at AID LA-OC Holi on the Beach!! 

Three-Legged Race: Wanna team up with a buddy to race along on the beach? Take part in the three-legged race and hop your way through to victory!

Knock the Coke Can Pyramid: Test your valor and precision by participating in this exciting event! Fastest to bring down the pyramid sweeps the event!

Looking for some active beach recreation in addition to the Game of Colors? To add to the fun, Volleyball and “Frisbee” will be made available for those who cherish the popular beach-games. Courts are adjacent to the location making it extra-convenient to make the best of both!

Have a Blast with family and friends at the 6th Annual AID LA-OC Holi on the Beach!!!

Quick Tips:

* Please bring a valid photo ID for check in at venue

* Bring a change of clothes, your clothes will get dirty !!!

* All ticket sales are non-transferable and non-refundable.

* By purchasing this ticket you agree to not hold AID or its volunteers liable for any injuries or illness.

Location and Directions:

Will Roger’s State Beach is located on the Pacific Coast Highway between Santa Monica and Malibu.  If you are driving from Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Pasadena or any area south, you will take 10-W to PCH-1 North.  If you are driving from Thousand Oaks or any area north, you will be taking PCH-1 South.  The left turn from PCH north into the beach parking lot will get backed up. Please follow all traffic rules and do not block the intersection. Thank you!

Parking Tips:

Once you enter Will Rogers State Beach and make a right, there is ample parking at the Parking Lot.  This lot is a Paid Parking Lot regulated by the Beaches Authority of LA, and parking fee is per their rules.  Price might be around $10.  Please bring CASH !!! If you wish to find cheaper or free parking, try to find parking on the streets around the beach venue and walk half or one block to the beach.  AID encourages you to carpool with your friends and family.

What is the Dress Code, What to Bring and How to Come Prepared for Holi?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes.  Holi is a festival to play with water and color, so be prepared to look colorful and wet at the end of the day.  AID-LA/OC will provide dry colors, and will have a few water bins set up at the venue.  Do not inhale, swallow or get them in your eyes. For eye protection, consider wearing glasses or some not so expensive sun glasses during the celebrations.  Please bring 1-2 towels, one pair of clothes to change, and some body wash / face wash for clean-up after the event. Carry extra towels/bed sheets that might be required to be put on your car seat during your drive back home.  We will provide color for the festival – so you don’t need to bring any of that.

What about the Food, Music, and Other Activities during the event?

We will provide you with some free refreshments.  For additional food that you might want to buy during the event, there will be food for purchase  Please bring CASH !!! An Indian DJ will keep you entertained with music all the time.  We will also have some simple and fun games organized during the day.  So if you wish to participate in any such games, register with our game in-charge volunteers at the event.